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Save Energy, Think Environment, And vice versa. Any company that is energy conscious is also environmentally conscious. Less energy consumed means less waste, fewer emissions and a healthier environment. In short, bringing energy and environment together lowers the cost industry must pay for both.

Refrigeration systems accumulate “foul substances”. The foul substance gaseous in nature, are commonly referred to as non – condensible gases . Non – condensible gas constituents commonly include air, nitrogen, hydrogen, and hydrocarbons . The term non – condensible” means that, these gases will not liquefy at the temperatures and pressures present in condensers consistent with industrial refrigeration systems. For example, ammonia will change phase from gas to liquid if heat is removed while at a temperature of 35∞C and a pressure of 12.5 Kg/cm2.

At the same pressure, any nitrogen present would have to be cooled to -264∞F (-164 deg C) in order to liquefy. As a result, any nitrogen that may accumulate in a refrigeration system always will remain in a gaseous state.