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PT SABINDO RETECH was established in 1993. It has been more than 25 years since we served the refrigeration system business. As a company that has long been engaged in this field, we provide our clients with good service and high quality products along with professional engineers.

The company has 2 business units, industrial refrigeration and commercial refrigeration. For industrial refrigeration depend on big scale projects, usually ammonia as refrigerants and in commercial refrigeration focus more on small-medium scale projects, usually using Freon as refigerant. We have a subsidiary, PT Hwasung which is engaged in refrigeration transport.

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Head Office:
Kompleks Delta Building C3-6
Jl. Suryopranoto 1-9,
Jakarta 10160, Indonesia

T. +62 (21) 3500 130
F. +62 (21) 3501 570
+62 (21) 3521 680
E. info@sabindo.com

Branch Office:
Ngagel Jaya Indah 3F
Surabaya, Indonesia

T. +62 (31) 502 5369
F. +62 (31) 502 6691

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